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Goan Coconut Toddy Vinegar

A strong sour must-have vinegar which goes amazingly well with Goan cooking.
Prep Time30 d
Total Time30 d
Course: Vinegar
Cuisine: Goan
Keyword: Goan Coconut Toddy Vinegar, Vinegar
Servings: 16 750ml bottles
Author: Vania Cotta



First Way

  • 16 nos Toddy 16x750ml bottles of toddy
  • 1 nos Kakond Bangle shaped tough bread made in Goa.

Second Way

  • 16 nos Toddy 16x750ml bottles of toddy
  • 1 piece tile red tile


  • Put the Toddy in a garrafao or buao and place a burning baked red tile in it.
  • Or for the second method, place a dark red/black burnt kakond in it.
  • Cover the buao for a minimum of 22 days and upto a month untouched.
  • After a month you will see a whitish, greyish film on the top. Remove it with a strainer. Do not use your bare hands.
  • The kakond also floats on top. Remove that too. Or the tile which is immersed.
  • Taste and check for sourness. The longer you keep the tile or the kakond in it, the sourer the vinegar will get after fermenting. This vinegar matures with time.
  • Once ready use a cup to remove it out and bottle it. Never use bare or wet hands.


  • Make sure the buao or garrafao is dry. Do not let moisture enter the prepared vinegar. Water or moisture will spoil it.
  • Buao or garrafao are very old Portuguese style ceramic containers. It is sometimes even made of glass. 
  • 1 Causaw of Toddy equals to 16x750ml bottles. 
  • The Kakond must be completely burnt black or dark red before placing it in the toddy. 
  • This vinegar is made with the kakond. 
  • This vinegar can be made all year round.